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Kirkus Reviews:
“Beakey parallels his thriller plot with an engaging family drama, all packaged within a taut  narrative. A character-driven tale that maintains its sincerity even in its most nerve-wracking moments.”

Peter Swanson, bestselling author of The Kind Worth Killing and The Kind Worth Saving and Finalist for the LA Book Award: “A wintry tale of violence and redemption, artfully balanced by a touching portrayal of a family in crisis.”

Pulitzer Prize Nominee Neely Tucker, author of Only the Hunted Run and The Ways of the Dead: “Fatal Option is one of the pleasant surprises of the season . . . there’s no good way out, and fate isn’t always kind. Really top notch.”

Edgar Award winner Peter Blauner, author of Slow Motion Riot and A Picture in the Sand: “Double Abduction is a creepy, unnerving living nightmare that will be hard for readers to shake off.”

Alex Award winner Bart Yates, author of Leave Myself Behind and The Language of Love and Loss:

“If you’re looking for a fast, smart thriller, you can’t go wrong with Double Abduction. It’s a tense, emotionally-charged book . . . and the surprises just keep on coming.”

Fatal Option Book Cover