Destined To Kill

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Destined To Kill

You can’t change your fate, even when it’s all in your mind.

30-year-old Curt Waller is unable to celebrate his success as the author of a critically-acclaimed novel and collection of short stories because every plot has been drawn from his premonitions of terrifying real-life events.

The worst visions are coming to him now, night after night as he watches himself hunting his beloved five-year-old godson through familiar rooms leading to an attic hideaway and a balcony where he throws the boy to his death. Through a series of interactions with his therapist, he’s trying to understand why he’s experiencing something that could never happen.

That quest is complicated by his intensifying relationship with Dillon Radcliffe, the lead suspect in the murders of two important people in Curt’s life. While Washington D.C. Detective Gloria Towson is certain of Dillon’s guilt, she’s struggling to convince Curt that his sexual obsessions with Dillon are going to lead to his own death.

Yet neither Curt nor Gloria are aware that Curt’s destiny – as a killer or savior – was set in motion by his powerful family’s involvement in two murders committed 14 years ago.

Download the opening chapters of Destined To Kill.