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Double Abduction

Double AbductionA child in danger. A preschool teacher with a past. 48 hours for a rescue, with a killer watching every move.

As the prime suspect in the disappearance of his beloved five-year-old nephew Justin, Michael Bennett is forced into an uneasy alliance with enigmatic Washington, D.C. police officer Gloria Towson, who believes Justin’s fate is connected to a serial killer who targets gay men.

In a desperate effort to rescue the child and save Michael from becoming the killer’s next victim, Gloria is tracking the killer online – a task made more difficult by her supervisor, Louis D’Amecourt, who may be conspiring with FBI officials to keep her from learning the truth.

Yet Michael may not be as innocent as he claims. He and D’Amecourt share a devastating secret – and five years ago Michael’s first nephew disappeared in a remarkably similar crime.

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