The Last Time We Died

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The Last Time We Died

Living a Lie. Dying to Survive

Three years ago Travis Still attacked Liam Buckley’s family at their farmhouse in Nassau, North Carolina, leaving Liam with mind-damaging memories of shotgun fire, burning grease and lives he couldn’t save. After telling the local police he had no idea why it happened, Liam became the guardian of his teenage nephew, Carter, under the protection of people they cannot trust.

Today the boy is the beat of Liam’s heart as he recovers from epilepsy with a cannabis-based drug Liam developed – by legal and illegal means – to calm Carter’s seizures. Yet it’s a half-life at best, endangered by Liam’s fear that he won’t be able to save his nephew when Travis attacks again.

In desperation he forms an uneasy alliance with Washington, D.C. policewoman Gloria Towson, who’s tracking Travis and his latest victim, the son of a U.S. Senator. Hiding in the shadows of powerful people who will benefit immensely if Liam and Carter disappear forever, Gloria carefully follows every clue Liam feeds her.

Most of those clues come to Liam during visions linked to his empathetic reactions to Carter’s seizures, which take the teen to a semi-conscious state where he encounters creatures that he depicts in masterful artworks with a surreal, three-dimensional quality.

Day by day the drawings are becoming darker . . . revealing the source of the paralyzing guilt Liam has lived with for two decades and proving he can no longer protect Carter without revealing his own complicity in Travis Still’s crimes.

Download the opening chapters of The Last Time We Died.