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Welcome to my Web site, where I reveal the high and not-so-high points in my life as a

On the upside (which I celebrate every day), my second thriller, Fatal Option, was an Amazon Bestseller that earned great reviews from Kirkus and all kinds of buzz from high profile book bloggers and ample praise from everyday readers. My first, Double Abduction, was a well-reviewed Finalist for the Lambda Literary Award. I’m also grateful to several mentors and editors who’ve been at my side during the writing of the two thrillers I’m shopping around now – Destined to Kill and The Last Time We Died.

I’m also happy with my life as a ghostwriter who’s been published in hundreds of daily newspapers and magazines because I’ve found so much simple joy in writing about colorful people and ways to make the world a better place.

None of it has come easy, which is kind of the point since tension and conflict are the driving force of every compelling story. Everything I write, including my upbeat features for Delaware Beach Life and my local newspaper, describes good things that are happening in beautiful seaside towns where people nevertheless struggle mightily in all kinds of ways. But you only need to widen the lens a bit in both a literal and metaphysical sense to understand the
enormous dangers we’re confronted with as a species, with Democracy on the brink of extinction in the U.S. and a planet on fire.

There have also been some troubling aspects to my own minor successes. The publisher of my first novel declared bankruptcy three months before its publication, so you can probably guess how that went over to the merchandisers at Barnes & Noble. And although my second was distributed by Simon & Schuster, it was published by a company comprised of very nice people who are now churning out books that are aimed at getting Trump back into the White House, which is why I can’t publish with them again.

I also have to admit that I haven’t really ever “made up” anything that happens in my short stories or novels because it’s all completely real in my gut and mind. Certain circumstances are manufactured but they’re inspired by emotional truths. Pain, sadness, violence, joy, kindness and redemption are the driving forces of everything I write because my favorite stories have some measure of each. You can read excerpts of all of my books at this site, and my short stories at the blog link. Thanks for visiting me here, and feel free to share your thoughts via emails to

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